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Originally Posted by Paul Epstein View Post
thanks Darryl.

having not read the full article, is there any clue as to what their diets consisted of exactly?

total meat and animal fat consumption?
I've been unable to access the full text but according to "the paleoloithic diet that the subjects ate for 10 days was made up of meat (chicken, pork, turkey), vegetables (e.g. lettuce, spinach, broccoli, salad, parsnips), fruit (pineapple, melon), honey and nuts (almonds). The diet emphasised lean meat (while the true paleolithic diet was unlikely to be particularly lean) also included foods that you can’t imagine our early ancestors eating (tomato soup, guacamole, carrot juice, mayonnaise), but the basic make-up of the diet was, overall, reflective of the foods we ate prior to the agricultural age." It states here that the macros were "30%, 32%, and 38% of calories were obtained from protein, fat, and carbohydrates, respectively."

Judging from the lack of any starchy root vegetables in the diet and the inclusion of canola oil I assume that the food selection was based on Cordains Paleo Diet book rather than an actual African hunter-gatherer diet but without having read the full text (where I suspect Cordains work will be cited) I can't be certain.
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