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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
How's the Cressey program going? I'm thinking of running through as I don't feel like programming and got the dreaded " Wow, you got skinny all of a sudden. Didn't you" comment at work yesterday. It took people a while to notice all the weight I unintentionaly lost. In a garage gym I may have to get creative with some subs though.

By the way, the glute stuff is a killer, but I seriously started feeling better and stronger in almost everything after my first Phase 1 workout.
I like his programming, I am a big fan of his book as well. It's pretty flexible as the program laid out is purely the strength part and he suggest metcon/conditioning on your own. In his book he typically recommended 10 minutes of conditioning on workout days and then other conditioning on "rest" days while he typically stays with monostructural conditioning. I've never really had a problem doing what I want with it. I just stay away from chippers and the like. You do have to be pretty creative with the subs at home. I'm sure though that you have more equipment than I do. The program he outlined in there is a lower body focused program, I actually shifted the emphasis to a upper body focused program just by decreasing some of the lower body volume.

That glute stuff is fun but that first phase starts to get a little stale after you've done it a few times. I've only done the 2nd phase once so far, I've started slacking at the end of last week. Going for my 2nd time with phase 2 today. on my whole body day.
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