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Originally Posted by Omar Omar View Post
After you eat say 500 calories your metabolisiim starts working and stops in 4 hours. After it has stopped you may consume another 400 calories and it will turn on all over again... The article argued that if you ate after 3:30 (so that its not off completley yet) you will burn a bit more calories because of it staying on longer.

The article suggested that we can keep it on all day long and benifit. Say you eat a 500 calorie breakfast to start the day (the metabolisim goes on and burns 400 of them) then 3 hours later (before its off) if you ate 100 calories, it will burn 400 calories (because you kept it on for another 3 hours). You will end up getting -300 calories because you at those 100 calories.
You'll have to find that I don't see how the metabolism stops when you are in a fasted state (which is basically what the above is implying). If it is referring to the TEF (thermic effect of food) as digestive energy burned....we also know from the studies in the articles I linked to above that whether 6 meals...or 3 meals...1200 calories burned is the same energy no matter how you split it up....and that energy is so minor anyways you could just do without an extra snack and get the same deficit.

that and IF would of made us all fat long ago if that was all true.....
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