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I will give you only my opinion on this.

For Oly-lifting both of them are quiet diffrent. Its like me asking "should I deadlift, or backsquat in order to get better at both", niether does the deadlift do much to my squat or vise-versa...

Similarly, the snatch neads more speed, clean has more wieght therefors its more of strentgh.

The snatch is more about shoulder flexibility and stability, it uses the hips more. Aghh, the clean is more about some other stuff....

I dont really think one of them will get you better at both, not even a little bit. The lifts are just so diffrent.

According to coach Burgener the snatch requires more power out-put, the most expolsive power, and is a better representation of an athletes ability.

I personally also think that (if anything) the snatch will get you better at the clean, if I ever had to choose only one, Ill go for snatches =))))

(All this is m personal opinion, Im not certified or anything like that so its up to you)
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