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Martin Bonn
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Hey Garrett,

if there was only one then it would have to be snatch pulls: requires more torso stabilisation due to the back angle, and you can still work the power, which shoud carry over to the clean nicely.
having said that, the bar position at the end of the 1st pull is a little different, so drilling that just with the snatch pulls might not give you as much of an effect as the clean pulls.

if you only have room for one, do snatch pulls.
OR: do 2-3 lighter sets of snatch pulls and then 2-3 heavier sets of clean pulls, not ideal, but maybe a reasonlable alternative?
Stats: 26yrs, 6'1'', 98.0kg
Snatch: 103kg
Clean & Jerk: 124kg
TOTAL: 227kg


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