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Personally, the way I would perform pulls would be quite different than anyone else. If I ever do pulls, I use no straps and I do singles (or clusters) and I let it go after the 2nd pull. Let me explain why I do this.

First off, the point of Weightlifting is to improve your snatch and CJ, and these are explosive movements and they are only done for max weight not repetitions. Doing singles on pulls allows you to focus on maintaining your explosiveness and positioning while reducing fatigue. Secondly, etting go of the bar helps to ensure you don't hang out at the top of the pull or have to worry about slowing the bar down back to the hang or floor.

I treat pulls like I would a heavy snatch or clean where my grip came off: a single repetiton with a heavy weight and build volume off of that. I know this is different from what others do with pulls but IMO every accessory movement should have as much transfer as possible to the lifts.
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