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Originally Posted by Omar Omar View Post
A question for all those who can help.

I dont meant to hijack this thread but the opportunity to ask presents it self after Brian's question...

Are CrossFit WODS Randy and Grace simply met-cons that are useless when it comes to devoloping power.

For those of you who dont know them

30 C@J of 135 pounds for time (takes elite athletes 2-4 minutes for 30 reps)

75 reps of 75 pounds snatch (takes 4 minutes too)

Are the simple endurance Wods that have no contribution whatsoever to power, or strentgh...
i don t think that you ll develop much strength from that unless you are a beginner. the weight is too light and the reps are too high.

i d defo not do them if i was doing oly lifting as my main sport: the weight is too light to enforce a good bar path, and technique goes out the window. so if anything you ll get a negative carry-over.
i ve never seen anyone do either of these WODs with oly-acceptable form.
this is not to say they aren t good conditioning tools though.
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