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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
What supplements have you tried?
Over the last year I've tried:
theanine serene
enzymatic therapy's sleep formula

None have made a lick of a difference in keeping me asleep.

Do you take ZMA? Do you take Vitamin D? How about a multi-vitamin?

I found once I started taking ZMA (along with most people) sleep was better. When I started taking ZMA +Vit D (since I was deficient in D too) I got MUCH better sleep.
Yes I have tried ZMA before bed (never noticed any difference) but for the most part I take magnesium + zinc in the morning. No I don't take a multi-vitamin. But I do also take fish oil / CLO, a b complex, and vitamin d, as needed. And for the last few months I've tried taking digestive enzymes with meals.

I had my vitamin D tested in the summer and it was spot on.

What's your diet look like?
Diet I think is pretty good. I did have a training log thread going for a bit. I think towards the end there I tried some PWO carbs to blackbox that to see if I was overtraining but didn't seem to make much of a difference. I've stayed away from anything resembling high volume/intensity over the last few months for fear that might have been my problem.

So just last week I've gotten back in to some BJJ training, working up to 3-4 days/week but I only go to the 1 hour 7am class that is really light. Like were talking a very light warmup, mostly technique and then 1-2 five minute rolls which I take it pretty easy in.

I now eat 3 meals a day. Typical day looks like:

BKFST ~9am
couple pieces of fruit + 3-4 eggs OR some kefir with whey and some fruit

LUNCH ~11-2pm
large salad with chicken breast or seafood /w dressing

DINNER ~6-7pm
nice big serving of meat /w a cooked vegetable, usually a nice amount of fat

maybe a snack of nuts and/or a piece of fruit somewhere in the afternoon

Really pretty clean eating. I live with my girlfriend who is down with paleo foods too .. most of our dinner meats are from our grass-fed meat share, and we've been eating lots of quality veggies from our CSA.
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