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I spoke with my doctor again today and mentioned to him that H pylori infection has been indicated in a few studies on low hemoglobin and sleep apnea. So I went in and had a blood test for H pylori today so that result should be in next week. He said in his experience it is mostly linked to stomach ulcers but it is worth a shot. Which is interesting because this week for three days in a row been having some stomach pains. I've never had these at all before but they are pretty constant right now, seemingly independent of what and whether I've eaten.

Something that I have also noticed over the same period that I've experienced the sleep problems is that my body weight has been on the low end for what I would consider my normal range. It's been a struggle to stay at 165 lbs and I've dipped below 160 a bunch of times. This is something that I've reported to my doctor before and have had many friends and family make note of. Always assumed it was just a side effect of moving to eating a lot more cleanly. To put that in context I use to weigh ~175 lbs and when I started lifting in college I moved all the way up as high as 190 lbs (but that was eating quite a bit of carbs). So I don't know how relevant that is but might be another sign of some sort of digestion issue.
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