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Troy, no probs. It really isn't a routine, more of a guideline.

My boys work a lot of HS as do I because it's something we are poor at. They are still poor at it, imo but way beyond where they were when I started with them earlier this year and they have a long ways to go before I'm satisfied to any degree. With me, it will be necessary to get my HS on rings so I can press to HS in a routine and my pirouettes have come a long way on floor besides hand walking and it's built up my wrists to being as functional as they are gonna get.

I combine our HS work and HS flexibility work because the boys need it so much, a few in particular are lacking in the shoulder girdle department. Our girls ask me why we do so many and it's because it's generally something that they don't have enough shoulder flexibility or their HS needs a lot of work.

A pretty good format similar to what Steve is proposing is this. It's called the Killroy70 routine. Looking at it again, makes me want to think about switching my boys or myself to it. Typically I rotate the planes of the movements in tandem with the static positions in an embedded format instead of seperated FSP and FBE because of amount of time we have. Sometimes we do the FSP early in the workout and FBE later on. Lately, I haven't but I should go back to this.
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