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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
You might ask him for an occult blood stool test, to see if there is any bleeding going on inside the digestive tract. If this were a small but chronic issue, it could slowly eat away at your hemoglobin levels.
Ok I wonder if the stool sample test I just did would cover this or if this is a special test. I can ask next week when the results come in.

Liver or liver powder ( is good for building the blood back up.
Yeah I've looked there before seeing you recommend it but they don't ship to Canada

Get some source of vitamin C when you eat red meat, which you might try eating more of.
I picked up Enzymatic Therapy R.B.C and plan on taking one with dinner. It has some vitamin C, iron, B12, and "liquid liver fractions".

Vitamin D levels should be at least 50, preferably around 70 IMO. Don't take your doctor's word for where he thinks it "should be".
Yeah I actually paid to have a D test on my own. I was at 65 a few months ago so I feel like I have a good handle on how much to take. Sometimes it's easier to just pony up the $$ and pick my spots to use my (Canadian public health care) doctor. Unfortunately I'm in a bit of debt from grad school and the job I've lined up, although great, does not give me any extended health coverage. So I can't be as proactive as I'd like to be!

You might try the and see if that helps the sleep issue.
I took a look.. I dunno it sounds like their main recommendation is to try some honey before bed. Couldn't hurt to try and see if that helps short term.

Let us know the test results.
Will do.

My doctor seems genuinely really engaged in wanting to figure it out so thats a good thing. He was like with iron levels that low you may have been operating at 50% and there is the potential to feel a lot better.

Makes me think about a lot of symptoms that I didn't think much of. For example, I feel quite dizzy when I do front and back rolls in jiu-jitsu, and have always thought it was poor form. I kept telling my instructors and they didn't quite get it.. I worked on my form, made sure I was tucking my head properly, and all that etc. but maybe it is due to the low iron.
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