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Default Saturday - 10.17.09 - Snatch/Field Day

CrossFit 305 had their first weightlifting class today that was focused on the Snatch. Peter ran the class ad we did a whole lot of snatch balance work and some two position snatches. It was a lot of great technique practice.

Then at 1pm we headed over to the park to do a whole bunch of fun stuff.

First we did some light warmup and dynamic stretching. Then we did:

15 squats
jump up the bleachers, one at a time, run back down
15 push-ups
5 rounds

rest and recover, break into six person teams

wheelbarrow 25' broad jump back
2 rounds

rest and recover
lateral jungle gym back and forth while team wall sits
sprint to light pole and back

rest and recover

100 pullups
200 dips
300 situps
carry a team member on your back to the light pole

Big props to Gruber for carrying my big ass.

Great workout and a lot of fun.
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