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Default Advice on Fat Loss while Maintaining Strength

Just a tiny bit of background: doing some strength work now, linear progression based loosely around SS. 4 training days/wk, short heavy metcons on 3 of those days.

I'd like to drop about 10 lbs if possible while maintaining or increasing strength levels. (Recognizing this may be something of a golden goose) Less for vanity's than practicality's sake...I'd like to hit a powerlifting meet at some point in the near future and I feel like I'd do better at a lower weight class rather than adding weight.

So, checking out various spots it seems like a good macronutrient approach would incorporate a g/lb protein protocol, low carb, moderate fat. Should I be looking at a caloric deficit on recovery days or will that derail strength maintenance?

I'll hang up and listen.
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