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Brian Stone
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Sat Oct 17
Ran 5k in about 25 min. Ice on knee later. Feeling much better

Sun Oct 18
Rest + tons of junkfood

Mon Oct 19
BP: 65#x5, 95x5, 125x3, 155x2, 180x5,5,7

Squat: I started working form here, so had to drop down in weight to correct everything. Doing box squats just a bit above parallel, as that's what my flexibility permits at present.
45x5, 95x5, 135x3, 175x3, 195x5, 195x2
Was having some issues here with form, too heavy too quickly. Dropped down
135x5, 155x5, 165x5, 175x5

DB Rows: (each arm) 55x5, 75x5, 95x3, 110x2, 120x6x3
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