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Jason Lopez-Ota
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My wrists feel a lot better. I think a couple more weeks and they might be normal again! I cant wait until I can be a normal person again.

Ive been resting them, I even stopped doing pushups. Ive been doing light wrist curls, moving up in weight and reps. I started with one pound dumbells. That used to make my wrists hurt. When I was at Target I did some wrist curls with their colored dumbells up to 12 pounds. It didnt hurt.

Ive used:
Heat pads
Ice pads
Wrist stretches
Taking prescribed anti-inflammatories
Wearing wrist braces when I go to sleep and for some activities

When I stopped training before the injury I was shoulder pressing 120 for 3 sets of 5 reps.

They dont hurt when I drive, type, carry groceries, wash dishes, etc anymore.

*That is the last time I train like an idiot I learned my lesson. When something hurts, rest.

*Unless it is for the fire department or something.
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