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Default Bench Press Technique

Being tall and having long levers, I've always struggled with making gains in bench press. in reading on this recently, I read that a big problem is elbow flaring with tall guys. In doing some research on this I eventually stumbled upon the following:

What he says makes a lot of sense. So, for those with knowledge in this area, is this mostly a gimmick for increasing numbers for weight moved, which would mainly be useful for competitive lifters? My interest is in increasing strength generally, not in having an impressive number on the bar. I have no competitive aspirations on the horizon.

If, OTOH, this is healthier on the elbows / shoulders, mechanically advantageous and conducive to hypertrophy then I will incorporate the technique into my current lifting. Also, it seem that it could get around the tall guy problem of fatiguing stabilizers before obtaining desired large muscle stimulus due to the huge ROM, which would be useful to me.

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