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Heh, I basically feel like everything in my body is tight and needs work (no knee problems, though). But wouldn't life be grand if we could spend an hour every day stretching and doing mobility work. I've been doing DeFranco's mobility stuff (as posted in the sticky) first thing in the morning. The day after I lift (twice a week) I do the glute stuff.

There's just so much stuff out there, I find it to be a little overwhelming. Just look how many posts are in that sticky after, what, not even a week.

I'll give those links a look. Calves are tight. I very rarely wear "real" shoes (Sanuks most of the time) so I was thinking the feet themselves would be ok and not flat or in need of the drills. I haven't been doing any sprinting or jumping. Lifting twice a week and lots of walking.

Below is a picture of my shoe soles. Yes, on the right there I have completely worn through the sole at the outside of my back left heel.
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