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Default Spinach Fixes Everything for Me

This isn't some silly jab or a Pop Eye joke. Literally since I turned 18 and had access to a dining hall in college (yeah, I hit the big time.... ; p) A bowl of spinach with Italian or ranch dressing as always made me feel healthier. This is when my eating habits were legitimately bad (Legitimately bad, like fast food 3-4 times a week, then once I got to the dining halls it was just a lot of trashy food because they taste better).

Does anyone have any discussions on this topic? Also my freshman year apparently there was some huge discovery as random people from the Honors dorm I lived in invited me this Sorority event that showed spinach cured some girl form of cancer. Of course I was walking to a flag football game so I had no idea why this was relevant to me.

I would like thoughts on this from a doctor, as I am not a doctor.


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