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October 27, 2009

1. Warmup
foam roller - thoracic, adductors, IT band, lats
lacrosse ball - feet, chest
dot drill - 59 seconds! I went from average to good, woohoo!
x-band walk - 10L/R
band dislocates - 8, 8
band press - 10
levator scapula stretch - 0:20L/R

2. Energy
KB snatch+windmill ladder - 24kg - 1 to 3 with right, 1 to 3 with left
kb snatch "boost" - 24kg - 15 secondsL/R 30 seconds off x 4, 30 seconds L/R 50 seconds off x 1
band dislocates - 4
kb snatch - 2L

kb swing - 10, 9
goblet squat - 10, 9
(superset with no rest, total time 1:37)

Javorek DB Complex #2 - 15# DB's
db curl x 6
db upright row x 6
db snatch x 6
db thruster x 6
db press x 6
db row x 6
db squat upright row x 6
db RDL x 10

-Not a well thought out day, I wanted to basically mess around with the KB and once my left shoulder started to not like the snatches I got somewhat discouraged
-Dot drill - I need to keep this in here, I dropped a second even after I added an extra repetion on drill 1
-warmup - I did all this warmup because this is what I did the day I did the KB snatches with no shoulder problems and I was hoping that was what did it.
-snatch+windmill - Part of the Power+stability videos that Jason C. Brown had recently
-snatch boost - stole this from the DJ article, the sets of 15/30 felt decent but once I started teh set of 30 seconds my left shoulder did not feel fine, even trying some more band dislocates it still didn't feel good so I stopped
- Javorek DB complex - did this after feeling somewhat aimless, 15#'s is way too light and only did the complex once since I felt like I wasn't even breaking a sweat with this, I need to buy more stuff for my home gym!
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