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Martin Bonn
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first, Tate is excellent with powerlifting and he really knows his stuff! if i was a powerlifter/interested in having the biggest weight possible on the bar, i would go his way!
I'm also tall with long levers and i feel your pain!
let's also be clear that being strong and lifting the heaviest weight possible are not necessarily the same thing. you said you are after being strong.
i also agree with SL that you should have full bodytension whichever way you are doing the exercise.
BUT, i think that the powerlifting way is geared to lifting as much as possible (obviously) and you mentioned that you didn t feel as much chest involvement: well that s the case, because it uses your triceps heavily to cope with the large load.
i would prefer the way rippetoe teaches the bench if you are just after getting strong, i ve used it for a while and never had any shoulder problems. and you won t get them if your shoulder and elbow are aligned correctly.
but this is just my opinion, in the end you ve got to do what you feel gets you the most benefit, so if you want to try Tate’s way, go ahead! jut do what SL said and give it a proper go for a while so you can get used to the different positions!

best of luck!
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