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Martin Bonn
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the thing with oly is that it s so technique and athlete dependent!
for example: i started with an oly coach about 10 weeks ago, i improved my snatch from 60 to 85 in 6 weeks: sounds good but really my technique was terrible before and i was capable (strengthwise) to do this weight form the whilst my numbers have gone up, i think i have mainly improved in technique and not so much in strength (my BS went form about 105 to 110).
My training partner on the other hand who is 5 years younger than me, has made good strength gains, imporving his BS from 130 to 150 and his jerk from 100 to 120 within a few weeks. he responds really well to strengtrh training, but he is really limited by his technique atm, he muscles the weight up (which is impressive) but his technique has only improved a little bit.

i guess what i m trying to say is that, don t get too caught up in how other people progress! as long as your weights go up (however slow) that s an improvement!
Also, if you have no previous sporting experience then it will take a while for you to get good technique!
It s probably easier to predict how people do on a pure strength programme with the slow lifts (like rippetoe's SS).
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