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Originally Posted by Emily Mattes
I don't consider myself to be genetically a bodyweight of about 175-180lbs, lifting 4-5 times a week:

BS: 77 --> 107x2
FS: 65x2 --> 97
Snatch: 36 --> 60
Jerk: 55 --> 77
Clean: 48 --> 80
Meet total: 82 --> 137
perhaps you ought to reconsider what it means to be genetically gifted. you seem pretty gifted to me.

Originally Posted by Emily Mattes
I see guys making progress in their lifts like mine in a couple of months, not a year, so this seems like a pretty slow rate for me. They're male, but still.
Your total increased by like 70%! I don't see too many men making progress like that, but maybe I'm not training with the right people...
All compliments aside, stay hungry and keep improving. Not being satisfied with yourself is a good thing.
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