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For the past month I pretty much just did my own strength-CF hybrid using metcons of my own making (most involving heavy cleans). Nutrition was good for about 60% of it, and I managed to set records in the front squat (130kg) and the clean and jerk (100kg).

A university requirement recently was to write a 3-5000 word essay on any subject and I chose the paleo diet, with a brief mention of IF. Since I haven't implemented IF for a long while, and taking inspiration from the research papers, I have decided to embark on a 6-week long period of strict paleo, sporadic fasting and (I hope) fat loss.

No shaky meat choices i.e. no sausage. I'm limiting fruit to 2 blocks a day. Aside from that, if it isn't unprocessed animal protein, eggs, vegetables, nuts or seeds, then it can't be eaten. Food intake will be limited only by hunger i.e. eating til satiety. By doing this, I hope to lose fat whilst maintaining performance at the very least, or improving on it.


M - Optional (can rest, sprint or metcon)
T - Rest
W - Football + Metcon
T - Strength A/B + Metcon
F - Rest
S - Sprinting
S - Strength B/A

Strength A – Deadlift + Dips/Push Press
Strength B – Front/Back Squat

Thursday’s metcon should reflect strength session – if squatting, metcon could involve cleans. If deadlifts, then thrusters say.
If fresh on Monday, can switch Wednesday’s metcon to then.
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