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Jay, there is some talk of electric smokers on the comments section of that thread if you'd like to contribute. I know little about them beyond what you have mentioned in other threads.

Frank, I elaborated some in the comments section. I have smoked on everything from large trailer smokers to small, jerry-rigged gas grills with the door propped open with a grill brush. I currently use a Weber Smokey Mountain which maintains temp. extremely well (200-250--depending on how you adjust it--for hours).

I use the Minion Method for starting a fire. Rather than lighting all the coals (which will spike to 350 or more!) and letting them burn down, I fill my ring halfway with coals and light a chimney full of coals outside of the smoker. When the chimney is going, I spread those 20 or so hot coals on the unlit ones. As the hot coals burn down, they ignite the ones under them, and the process repeats. You get more mileage out of your fuel this way, not to mention a slow, steady, consistent burn. Between that method and choking my inlets a bit, I can get 7-10 hours at 200-225 out of one ring on the Weber.

Even though I had cooked a lot, when I bought the Weber, I went through Gary Wivviot's 5 Steps. It was free online when I started. It is now a book apparently.

Despite being a Texan, I'm not as dogmatic as some about my brisket. Above all, it should taste good, be enjoyed with friends, and help you get big and strong. The way I demo'd on video is extremely easy and will turn out a brisket that is better than 95% of the stuff you can get at someone's house or even a restaurant. If you can select decent meat, build a proper fire, and keep temperature, the only thing left is for you to get the hell out of the way and let the meat do its thing.

Edit: I use chunks, not chips. I also use a water bowl. I replenish when I add fuel after 8-10 hours.
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