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*15.5 hour fast
LM @ 8pm

Front Squat 6-4-3-1-1-1
(CF football occasionally use this rep scheme, and I really like it)
6 x 90kg
4 x 100kg
3 x 110kg
1 x 120kg
1 x 130kg
1 x 132.5kg *New PR

Did this workout late at night after only two meals and only two blocks of carbs total (1 fruit, 1 veg). The PR was a close call but totally legal - seemed to be squeezing mid rep with no movement for an eternity.

Tried out my new rings (thanks to Matt G) going for an unbroken 21 dips and just about got them. Ring dips are so different than on the bars; they seem to spread the love all over your upper body, not just your triceps!
"Few things are graven in stone, except that you have to squat or you're a pussy" (Rip)
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