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Originally Posted by Bill Ennis View Post
Hi Everyone ;
I'm attempting to do the same thing as Justin . Two questions:
1. Derek ( or anyone ) what is NEPA ?
2. This may be a dumb question if I'm trying to lose some weight/fat - would the Mass (A)gain program or start a Strength Cycle ( e.g. 12/15/08 CA WOD ) be the way to maintain/increase strength while losing fat ?
Re: 2, I wouldn't combine a program designed for gaining mass with losing fat. It stands to reason that such a program assumes good recovery due to a calorie surplus.

Something more PTTP-ish would be good. One or two lifts a day, start at a low percentage and build up slowly. Something like presses and front squats every workout isn't a bad combination.

Don't do too much. Any progress is good progress while dieting.
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