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I first saw "asshats" used by Matt Gagliardi. You are welcome to it and welcome to hijack anytime.

I just switched the routine in the "2 day a week" W/O. In other words, I'm doing DL's heavy and squats for reps. I tend to mix the other stuff up according to need/weakness. I'm still quite pleased with how this is going. It doesn't seem to put me in "ravenous" mode quite like AB1, but I still get hungry. I usually eat something before the W/O like cottage cheese or some fruit so I'm not totally starving afterward. Also, I've started restricting kcals as a means of losing fat/weight. It seems to be working. I hope I don't quit doing it.

Cutting down on the beer seems to help as well. Trying a "drink better, not more" approach.

Side note: I finally got the wife to buy butter instead of margarine. I showed her the fat/calorie breakdown and the list of ingredients. The selling point was margarine was oil. Butter had three ingredients; milk, cream, salt.

Scorecard after 16 years of marriage: Ron-1; wife 1,000,000

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