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Originally Posted by Frank Needham View Post
Gant, could you elaborate a little on the details involved with how you maintain the proper temperature and smoke during the 20 hours it takes to finish the brisket? Do you build a coal fire, let it burn down and then add smoke chips as needed? How often do you find it necessary to add chips? I assume your smoker has a water bowl and, if so, do you replentish it?
Thanks in advance...


As an alternative to Charcoal/Propane fired smokers, I elected to buy a Cookshack Electric Smoker: Link is w/f/s

While all use wood to produce the smoke, after reading months of reviews, I elected the easy man's version of a smoker.

The Cookshack uses a heating element to smoke the wood, is very well insulated, and you can almost set and forget, depending on the model. I've had since May, would buy again in a heartbeat.

We that said, you can get great results with any smoker as it's not the smoker, but the smokee.

BTW, unless I'm in a "real" BBQ joint, I refuse to eat smoked meat out, it just doesn't compare to smoking your own.

BTW x 2, when I show up at a party packing some brisket or pulled pork, the people tell me over and over, how dang good it is and how it's some of the best meat they ever had. I just smile.
Good Luck.
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