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Broke fast this morning at 10:30. To be honest, it wasn't difficult really. Tipped the scales at 168lbs before I ate, which is 10lbs less than last week. Most was probably water and food but thats a lot of weight in just over 5 days.

Too wet and a considerable cramp in my left calf - must have slept on it - so instead of going to the track, just did a CF-style metcon.

Ring Dips
24kg Dumbbell Swings

Time: 10 mins 07

Not a disappointing time. Ring dips are tough! All unbroken though.

Just have to say, homemade chicken and vegetable soup must be the perfect food for health. A heap of chicken thighs, and a load of cabbage, leeks, onions, carrots and celery and a chicken stock cube in the pressure cooker. Low carb, quality protein, stacked with vitamins and fibre, warming and SO tasty.
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