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Can't help myself.

Calcitriol in tomatoes.

Side effects and symptoms of overdose of calcitriol.

Calcinosis symptoms:
Dystrophic Calcification. Many restrict the use of the term calcinosis to those patients who have calcium deposits in the soft tissues but have no generalized disturbance in calcium or phosphorus metabolism. Dystrophic calcification is often seen at sites of previous inflammation or damage to the skin. Calcinosis has been associated with connective tissue disease, such as in systemic sclerosis (scleroderma) or polymyositis-dermatomyositis.

The standard method of detection of dystrophic calcification has been the plain X-ray. However, computed tomographic (CT) scanning has been reported to identify calcinosis in symptomatic, but radiographically normal areas.

Causes and Risk Factors of Calcinosis
A variety of local and regional sites of calcification have been associated with rheumatic complaints. Occasional calcification has followed corticosteroid injections. In addition to the common syndromes of the shoulder and hip, idiopathic calcific tendinitis and tenosynovitis produce calcific deposits.
Sounds like osteoarthritic deposits fit perfectly in there.

The possible nutrient to reverse the damage of the nightshade-type calcinosis:
Effect of vitamin K2 on experimental calcinosis induced by vitamin D2 in rat soft tissue.

You heard it here first.
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