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Sorry for bumping an old thread, hopefully someone can help me understand this nutrition stuff.

Originally Posted by Will Moore View Post
They don't understand that its their constant eating and snacking that makes them hungry. Most people ride the insulin roller coaster all day long. The more they snack, the hungrier they get. I see people come into the office with donuts at 10 am and then at 12 they say "Where are we going for lunch?" I say, "How can you be hungry? You just ate donuts and you haven't done a friggin' thing to work up an appetite!"
I don't understand this either. I am trying to assimilate all this information about insulin resistance but I don't really comprehend it, but I want to. All I know is, when I'm not working out and not eating regularly, I can easily live off one meal a day. When I'm gymming and eating lots to gain weight, it seems, like the example, every 2 hours I'm hungry. For example today: squats, bench, deads, finished at 4:30 pm. Went out to dinner at 5:30 and had a steak and veggies. By 8pm I was "hungry" again (insulin response?) and cooked myself 6 eggs omelet and toast. Now its 10, I might be full but I'm having pangs or something in my stomach that I equate to wanting to eat again.

Should I not be eating so much? I am trying to get stronger and put on weight, but I want to do it healthily. I'm 6'0 and 150lbs, so I have a ways to go.. But what if health goals take precedence over weight gain goals?

From what I've read, I should be aiming for low carbs and high fats. How can you consume high fats? Just eat bowls of nuts all day? Buy avocados by the dozen? I drenched my eggs in olive oil, is that enough? Where else do you get your fats?

Finally, should I just not worry about insulin and paleo and all this stuff while I'm trying to put on some size?
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