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i learned it from joe mills in 1980, he was using it with bednarski and the gang at Central Falls club from the '60's. 20 snatches staring with about 25 kg under your best. 5 singles, add 5 kg do 5 more, add 2.5 do 5 more, then add 2.5 for each single up to 20th lift. 20th lift then will be 20 kg over where you started. if you make 21 or 22 consistantly, you bump tthe start up by 2.5, and go from there. after the snatches do the same in the cj. he said if you did it all in about an hour and 45 minutes, you were in shape. ive found that to be very true:-)
if you try it, id recommend starting on the low side and getting all 40+ lifts in.
you could always do the 21 or 22, and start higher the next time. one thing to remember around the 15th clean and jerk was his saying "you're never as tired as you think you are". -g
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