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Default Bruised Patellar

Is it possible for a bruised tendon to turn into chronic tendonitis?

In May of this year while doing a week-long hike, I fell and injured my knee, specifically a bruised patellar tendon (according to the physio), and had to limp 35km off the trail with it. I was working outside at the time, so i could never give it enough rest to heal completely. I switched the majority of my training to the climbing wall, ring and gymnastic work for a couple of months, and the pain was pretty much gone. Since October I've been getting back into crossfit (no running or any high-impact movements), heavy squats and deads with every so often some minor, not pain, but a definite irritation/discomfort in my knee. But this would alway go away with some ice and a good night's sleep. Last week I was doing some heavy clean and jerks and walked away with this feeling again in my knee. I've been icing, and resting that leg, but it wont go away!!

Anyway, I can't figure out if I should just keep training; reduce the load to light/moderate weights; or lay off it completely? How much exercise is beneficial (if any), how much is detrimental? Although I work as a cook and have to stand for eight hours a day, so absolute rest is not an option. I really just don't want this to be a chronic injury.
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