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November 16, 2009

1. Warmup
dot drill - 55.8, 52.0
pushups - 23, 20

2. Energy
580m run - 2:33, 2:37, 2:45 (aiming for a 2:43 pace)
(rest 1 minute)

kb swings - 24kg KB - 2H x 20, 1H x 25L/R
pushups - 15

Leg Matrix Finisher
24 bw squats
12 lunges per leg
12 jump lunges per leg
24 jump squats
time - 3:08

-580m's just happened to be one loop around the street next to mine, so I stuck with it
-Leg matrix - I had done this 2+ years ago and didn't remember it being so freaking hard. You are supposed to do it all over again after resting double the amount it took you to complete, my legs were cramping up just standing there so doing this again was not in my future!
"And for crying out loud. Don't go into the pain cave. I can't stress this enough. Your Totem Animal won't be in there to help you. You'll be on your own. The Pain Cave is for cowards.
Pain is your companion, don't go hide from it."
-Kelly Starrett
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