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How would I properly tweak the diet for strength gain without making me a fat***. Just of note, I'm prepping for a ******* school program in two months. Basically it will be about two hours a day of Murph. Thats the best way I can think to describe it. So getting fat in the name of strength is not worth it at all to me. My metcons need to stay stellar.

On the flip side, though, I figured that extra strength should be a huge help. Hence attempting to gain some mass.
Under ideal conditions it takes an extra 700-1000kcals/d to gain 0.5-1kg of lean body mass per week so you've got some eating ahead of you if you're going to achieve your goals but you don't have to go crazy adding huge amounts of fat to your diet to do that.

As you've got a limited time to gain some weight I suggest that you forget about fad diets or dumb advice from internet fitness gurus and concentrate on following a good sports nutrition program such as the one outlined in the factsheets listed here.

After you're done reading those click here to get an estimate of how many calories you need per day to gain weight then set the carbs, fat and protein to 65%, 20% and 15% respectively. I know you're going to ask why high carbs? so here's the answer; carbs are your bodies preferred fuel, they help you train longer and harder and if there's a slight surplus at the end of the day it'll oxidise them for heat (thermogenesis ) thereby increasing your BMR rather than storing them as fat. Carbs also have a significant protein sparing effect so high carb diets result in less protein being used for fuel and more being used to build muscle.

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