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Originally Posted by daniel lyell View Post
Ok thanks for the advice. I'm a little confused though as you say to attempt to eat quality stuff in general...but earlier on ice cream is mentioned. Could you clarify that?

Also, I'm only trying to gain mass before the tap starts - hehe I don't count on being able to gain any during. I'll be struggling to maintain weight then.
I don't think ice cream is too bad; it gets a bad rap. It's pretty low-glycemic if you get a variety that's relatively bullshit free (bullshit being peanut butter cups etc. - aka the delicious stuff). But as far as eating "quality" I just mean avoid things like sodas and chocolate bars and other super high-glycemis stuff that has little to no value nutritionally. You can make gains with these (like anything), and w/ your aggressive routine it probably won't make a difference anyway, but I prefer the better stuff, and personally tend to feel better if I manage to adhere to it.

On a separate note, you know your own body, but for many 6% BF is going to be a detriment to sustained performance. It might do you some good to up the BF a bit prior to entry as well, but that's more a matter of how your body functions for you over periods if deprived of food. I'm also not familiar with the types of stuff they'll put you through in Ranger school, so mileage may vary and all that. Just putting that out there.
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