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Default The Zone and activity level

When following the Zone, as one's body fat and weight drop, the zone recommends that you should drop your overall blocks as I'm sure you are all aware of.
My goal is to get my bf% below 10. As of last friday I am at 11. My BW is 172lbs. According to the block calculator my ideal weight is somewhere around 153lbs.
I currently follow a MWF gymnastic program, but plan on switching to a 4-day schedule next week.
The block calculator puts me at 15 blocks for my MWF, and 17 for a 4-day/week program.

I do have any metcon in my workouts. So my question is , when following a gymnastic, aka strength ( work,rest) should I go about gauging my activity level? I hope this makes sense.

Thank you in advance.
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