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Thursday- [Double Bulldog Dead Clean- 5 reps w/ Bulldog Press- 3 reps (l, r)] x 5 [Bulldog TGU- 3 reps (l,r) w/ Double Bulldog Swings- 20 reps] x 5 Finish with Double 24kg Bottoms up Pushups- 10 reps x 5 sets

2 x 40kg hang clean without back swing 5 reps followed by 3 reps of 40kg press left and right - 5 times through. turkish get up with 40kg KB 3 reps each side with 2 x 40kg swings 20 reps - 5 times through. do pushups balancing on 2 x 24kg kettlebells with the handles on the ground 10 x 5
Ummmmm, yeah...sure. I'll wait to see the first video of someone doing a 2 KB bottoms up pushup before I even think about doing them. The guy in the video shows a 1 KB bottoms up pushup, he's struggling...
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