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Originally Posted by Craig Brown View Post
Strongest Shall Survive- Bill Starr
Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia- John Jesse
Tommy Kono's Oly book (forgot the title...)
Practical Programming for Strength Training- Rippetoe & Kilgore (SS, as well)

A lot of the heavy periodization books have only ben 'interesting' to me, as I've never been (or plan to be) at the level where things get that complex.

Tommy's book is called: 'weightlifting: olympic style'....i'm not too sure about it though, no doubt TK was a great lifter and his book was great at the time and there is still lots of useful info in it (bottom line i d still buy it!), but it has gotten a little dated and the description of the lifts is quite short imho.

Zatsiorsky, the Science and Practice of Strength Training is very good, but you need to be quite scientifically minded to make use of it in training! one of the best books on training i ever bought!
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