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Day 3 (I am changing from spelling the number out now so I don't have to type day forty two)

6:45 cell mass creatine
6:45 activa light 1 tbsp flaxseed, 1/4 kashi go lean, 3 eggs
8:45 blue thunder RTD
10:15 chicken breast, 4oz squash casserole, 3 oz fettuccine JoAnne
12:00 cell mass creatine
12:45 baked potato plain, chilli
3:00 trioplex bar
6:00 1 3/4 oz peanuts
7:45 1 BCAA
8:00 3oz lasagna, 7 oz ground turkey, 1 really small piece of garlic bread

11:00 to 12:15 No-Gi
Warmup was running and stretching instructor was taking it easy on us. Worked on one technique a bicep crush. Wrestled 3, 8 minutes matches.

In the first match I worked my position and transition game ended up with the guy in closed guard and went on the attack. I faked an armbar a couple of times and landed a triangle. It wasn't too deep and as I was working it I tweaked my knee pulling it in. No big deal. I got the triangle locked down and got the submission.

Next match with a guy that had to be 250 plus and he had an amazing top game. He submitted me twice in 8 minutes once with an elbow lock that is still sore this morning.

Third match with a guy I roll with pretty often he is a blue belt and has a great technical game. He had me in side control I rolled into him going for the hip escape and he went for an armbar. I grabbed my own arm across my chest and he was wrenching on it trying to extend my arm. I faked like I was going to pull really hard to escape and when he pulled back again I bridged and rolled right across the top of him. Unfortunately in the scramble I landed on my shin funny and felt some major pain go through my knee. I iced it down when I got home last night and did not work out. If it feels ok I will hit the weights tonight.
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