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*19 hour fast


Back Squat (HB, Olympic)
5x2 @ 90%
Completed @ 137.5kg

Set 5RM
55kg x 5
60kg x 5
62.5kg x 4
Switched to Push Press to complete 5 sets
77.5kg x 5
85kg x 4

Good squatting, got better as the sets progressed. Disappointed with the press, which extends to less than 70kg for a single. Having said that, it was at the end of a long fast and 25 heavy bench reps yesterday with only a single meal between workouts is hardly a record-setting premise.

My abs are dead, so L-sits are out of the question. I don't own parallettes so tru-push-ups are a little difficult, and I don't own a box so no box jumps! So I altered the DWOD to what I had...

AMRAP in 15 mins
5 x Strict Pull-ups
7 x Bar Dips
10 x Air Squats

Score: 15 rounds

Very happy. Blasted through the first 5 then had to drop to triples, then doubles and eventually singles for the pull-ups. Mixed my grip loads, was an excellent workout for the arms. Dips were pretty easy as were squats. More of a pulling strength exercise than a lung buster but still a decent run-out.
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