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Originally Posted by Ben Reynolds View Post
Ideally, training should incorporate both resistance and strength based movements just to make the body more adaptable to varying stimuli. I believe strength helps endurance to the extent that muscular fatigue takes longer to set in.

When I only trained burpees they were brutal. By incorporating ring dips, L-sit pullups, and pistols alongside my routine, muscular fatigue set in later and I could handle longer sets before reaching the anaerobic threshold. Just those three exercises filled in the gaps for me.
No, not for endurance events. It is a time domain thing. Strength training simply does not provide the metabolic challenge to slow twitch muscles that is necessary to improve endurance performance in TRAINED individuals. In untrained individuals, almost anything works.

Strenth training does not make the body more adaptable to endurance training. The extra muscle mass is often detrimental to endurance performance and the strength training workouts can interfere with the quality endurance sessions.

Realize that we are talking about different time domains. Doing burpees for 10 minutes is different than a one hour time trial or a 10 K run.
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