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*15.5 hour fast
SE @ 6:30pm

De-energised today. I'm eating paleo but only averaging 2 medium/moderately large meals a day so I'm certainly not eating enough. Especially since I never go over 20ish grams of carbs per meal. Both distal calf tendons were very tight too - not used to running, obviously - so I only did the SWOD today and gave my system a rest from metcon...


Back Squat (HB Olympic) - set 5RM
5 x 125kg
5 x 135kg
5 x 140kg (Increase of 5kg from last week - and probably a PR at this weight)

Bench Press
5 x 2 @ 90-95%
2 x 110kg
2 x 110kg
2 x 110kg (took everything I had)
2 x 105kg
2 x 107.5kg

Although I reduced the weight, I stayed over 90% for all reps. Very pleased indeed with the squat, really had to dig deep for the 5 reps at 140kg. My projected squat is definitely moving towards where I want it.
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