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Default Please Critique my Fat Loss Plan

I’m interested in getting some feedback on my planned fat loss program, Yeah, I’ll admit it, I’m fat. Comes from being Irish and liking potatoes. Honestly tho, I need to drop 25# or so.

A bit about me: 51 yo, been lifting since HS, most of it wasted on magazine workouts. Did CF, but am back to working on Oly lifts and GPP. I have a back surgery in my past plus some occasional shoulder discomfort (from Ju-Jitsu and volleyball), so I doubt I’ll ever be looking to lift really heavy. 6’4”, 270#, but I should really be under 250#, as I was really a skinny kid till I injured my back (I am probably a classic example of skinny-fat). My goal is to drop 20# for starters, and this will be my only fitness goal for the time being. No “I wanna get ripped/cut/Westside/Kettlebells/whatever” stuff. I have taken about 10# off so far, but I have to change up the diet I have been following (Eades 6 Week Cure).

Let me get the most important thing out of the way: Diet. I’ll be following a Paleo diet; I have been grain-free for the most part of the year, and I actually enjoy eating mostly meat and veggies, with the occasional piece of fruit. The only dairy I use is milk, but I may cut that out for the time being. My big issue is not food, but portion control (i can overeat if not keeping tabs), so I’ll be logging (but not measuring) my food. Also supplementing with D/A/Fish oil, that’s about it.

I’m going to stick to a GPP style workout, and was thinking of using a program Mike Moore posted a while back. It looks like this (edited):

Originally Posted by Mike Moore View Post
Here's a barbell complex I use and have used with some of my wrestlers. I suggest starting with 3 or 4 "rounds" and using a rest interval between rounds of 1 1/2 minutes. Decrease RI by 15 seconds each week until you reach 45 seconds, then increase rounds by 1. Repeat process until you are doing 5-6 rounds, then instead of increasing rounds, increase weight. Anyway - 8 exercises (or as some prefer "movements" - some people will get that one), 6 reps each exercise (not as easy as it sounds once you hit the push presses), NEVER let go of the bar and never stop moving:

1. Deadlift
2. RDL
3. Bent Over Row
4. Cleans (from the floor or hang cleans - your choice - or Dan John's Whip Snatches)
5. Front Squat
6. Push Press
7. Back Squat (full)
8. Good Mornings
Link here, from PMenu forum:

I have been doing this workout for the past week and like it, tho I may substitute some other movement for the good mornings. I’m starting pretty light, 75# or so. This would be the only workout I would do for 4-6 weeks.

My plan would be:

Day 1: Workout
Day 2: Workout
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Workout
Day 5: Workout
Day 6: Work on Oly technique (very light lifts), or else just stretch/rest
Day 7: Rest

Given that I’m at that point in life where I need a little extra recovery, I may end up just resting on day 6. I’ll also be taking a few long hikes each week. I’ll also start a training log on the board to keep myself honest.

Thoughts, comments? See any weaknesses? Thanks in advance.
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