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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
I think it looks pretty good. That barbell complex though.... are you going to be doing that 4 days/week? I may not be reading that right.

If you are... I'd suggest something other than that frequency day in, day out.

Don't be afraid to get a calorie count for portions and then plus them in earlier. LIke you said, portion control is key. Knowing what your portions represent in relation to your metabolic rate is important.
Thanks for the input, Derek. I think your idea of using a calorie counter is great. I totaled up my C/P/F calories yesterday, and it was quite a eye-opener. I'm eating far more carbs than I thought.

I'm going to be aiming for 1g protein per lb. of lean body mass, then filling in with fats and carbs. I'm going to restrict carbs to veggies and some fruits. 1 cheat meal per week. I just ran across dietgenie which will be a big help.

As for the BB complex, I would be doing the same number of reps each time, but adding to the # of sets each workout plus reducing the rest time between sets. So day 1 I'd do 3 rounds, day 2 I'd do 4, and so on. Any ideas on how to vary the programming? I chose it because it would be easy to do (initially) plus I could get it done in 20--25 minutes in the AM, before work. I'm open to suggestions as far as sets/reps/frequency, as well as other exercises. I have thought about subbing in a strength day or Oly lifting day for one of the days, but since fat loss is the primary goal I don't know if it would help.

Thanks again.
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