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I'm with Mike. I'd favor a deload week with 2-4 very easy workouts and a few long walks to boot.

As well, 100 grams of fat per day contributes 900 cals to the diet. That's almost as much as your TOTAL # of calories per day when you were Zoning.

Short story, you're probably moving too much, but also eating too much.

Hold on cause it's about to get detailed and boring:

Humor me and try doing something like this: 1.5 gram of carbs per lb, 1 gram of protein, .5 grams of fat/lb. That should put you close to maintenance if not even a little under with your activity level.

Using 15 cals/lb of BW to calculate approx maintenance we get 1875/day. 1.5 grams of carbs = ~187 grams/day or 748 calories. Protein = 125 grams or 500 calories. Fat = ~62 grams or 558 calories. A total of 1806/day. Just under maintenance, which shouldn't be an issue since maintenance calculations is guesswork anyway.

With a diet set up this way you have the majority of cals coming from macros with the highest thermic effect as fat has the lowest TEF as well as the body's pesky preference to store fat as bodyfat over carbs and protein (anything in excess will get stored regardless of which macro it is).

Just FYI, 185 grams of carbs/day represents ~ 8 medium sweet potatoes (this would suck) according to fitday, or 6 large bananas, or 9 medium apples... and the list goes on.
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