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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post

I'd honestly set macros on grams/lb instead of percentages.
It took me a while but I figured this out (I'm a bit dense); I ran across one of your other posts where you outline the method. I'll do the calc and post some numbers later, using desired (finishing) weight. That should give me a slight deficit to work with. edit: I think my earlier estimate of 80g carbs/day was a bit low, given my height/weight.

Those carb choices sound like they will work for me, I have never been a fan of sweet potatoes but I did try some with dinner tonight (TJ's has them pre-sliced, talk about lazy). I'm also busy coming up with some carb options for work, as I tend to overeat (carbs esp) when stressed. I'm planning on avoiding the break room at work, as someone always brings in some sort of carb surprise, presented with the disclaimer "but it's low fat!"

I'm going to do a test run this week, If all goes well I'll start my log next week.

Thanks Derek.

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