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Default Rest Max effort vs Metabolic

Ok...say you are looking to improve the overall speed and ability of an athlete (increase VO2 max, explosiveness, etc...). Using the 2 protocols listed below....which one in your opinion would yield optimal results and why? (Just assuming these training only...all other variables outside are the same)

1) Workouts that are max effort and recovery....for example
- 400 meter 3 minutes....repeat 3-4x at max effort each time

2) Continuous Metabolic version
- 400 meter 15 burpees, 15 squat, 15 pushups, 15 situps.....repeat 2 more rests.

Just various examples....but is a max effort going to increase VO2 max or does the continuous aerobic pathway conditioning increase conditioning better? Is metabolic really going to increase speed when lack of glycolitic pathway is utilized compared to max effort under 2min and full recovery?

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