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james forshaw
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SE today @ 15:00


Front Squat 5x3

3 x 112.5kg
3 x 115kg
3 x 117.5kg
3 x 122.5kg

Involved heavy cleans and sprinting but unfortunately I don't have access to somewhere I can do both together. So did an old heavy clean couplet I've done before...

BW Squat Clean (77.5kg)
Ring Dips

Time: 4 mins 57* (PR by exactly 2 mins - and that was set with bar dips before I had rings, so a massive improvement)

Even more impressive was that, without thinking, I began the metcon despite needing a whizz and I kept having stop to see if I could continue or not.
"Few things are graven in stone, except that you have to squat or you're a pussy" (Rip)
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