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Default Suede Werksan Do-Wins and Glenn Pendlay

I have to give props to Glenn Pendlay. I recently tried to order the leather DoWins from his Wichita Falls Weightlifting Store only to receive an email from him later that they were out of stock. I tried to cancel the original credit card order via email. I called Glenn today (he's in Texas and I'm in Virginia), missed him, and he called me back twice. He apologized for not responding sooner because of his schedule and volume of emails. Then, he offered to send me the suede blue Do-Wins ($110) for the same price as the leather ($85) since he is getting some new models in stock. (I caught him at the right time.)

I think he runs this business out of his home and I certainly appreciate how friendly, humble, and helpful he was. If you are looking to but some good WL shoes at a good price from a reputable salesman, I encourage anyone to call Glenn or try the website:
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